Hectic Lifestyle + Increase In Processed Food = Time to Get Back to Clean Eating

Life has been so crazy the past couple weeks not in a bad way though. I like being busy. Last weekend however, was awful. Friday I went home during lunch to take Zooey out but I ended up being in such a hurry to get back to work on time that I locked us out. I tied Zooey up while I tried to shimmy up the balcony to the second floor where I thought I might be able to get it (fat chance!). Long story short she wiggled her skinny butt out of her harness to come find me and ended up running away. I chased her for 3 hours around our city. That is a fact that an exaggeration! If you know anything about Shiba Inus you know they will escape any chance they get no matter how much they love their owners. It finally took 5 people, 2 nets (1 butterfly, 1 fishing), and a male giant poodle (hussy) to corner and catch her. If only you could have seen me running down the street with a giant net chasing after this little dog who did not want to get caught. She has been very good this week trying to make up for it. While all of this drama was going on I found out my great aunt passed away early that morning. Needless so say I slipped into a funk all weekend, especially with the wake Sunday and funeral Monday. I honestly cannot remember if I went grocery shopping. Meals have been a little mish mosh this week and I haven’t been eat all that great. More animal products and processed foods that usual have been finding their way into my tummy and it is not happy about it… or it is just not happy. So I think I need a little cleanse time again. I do this from time to time  because my stomach is sensitive. It is a good possibility I have some food intolerance considering my brother is both lactose and gluten intolerant (you try telling a 16 year old boy not to eat pizza) I’ll have to figure out exactly what I am going to be eating and report back.

Other than the fact that last weekend is kind of a blur I began questioning whether or not I went grocery shopping last night because I went to make some scrambled tofu and found that I had neither onions nor garlic. This NEVER happens! I couldn’t even remember using them up. It must have been that Use it Up Tuscan Soup. I really did use it up! So last night I ended up using garlic and herb seasoning and green onions (where did they come from?) in my scrambled tofu. I added some spinach, shriveled tomatoes from the back of the fridge, and some veggie shreds. Definitely not as good as the last time I made it. I had it with a sweet potato (with cinnamon) and some organic foursome for more veggies.


I’m trying to use of up my veggie shreds. Apparently in my quest to eliminate most animals products I have been a little lax in reading my food labels. I cannot believe I have been buying this 1. because it has casein (milk protein) anyway. I might as well have been eating real cheese. 2. it has an ingredient list a mile long. Like I said I really need a cleanse. I may just do my stomach a favor and the throw the rest of this “cheese” away.


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