Clean it up

Tomorrow I will be starting a little cleanse to hopefully restore some balance to my digestion system. It is pretty typical for me to do a cleanse for a week when I have gone through a period of unhealthy eating. Mind you, my idea of “unhealthy eating” is still pretty healthy by normal standards. I think because I am so used to eating healthy, whole foods, that deviating from that routine even the slightest bit takes it toll on me more than the average person or it may be just because I have always had a sensitive stomach and digestive system. Anyway cleansing for me is simply about the following:


1 . processed foods with the exception of things like tofu, store bought hummus (TJ’s brand), brown rice protein powder, sprouted grain bread (in moderation), almond milk, and nut butters (I’m actually going to avoid peanut butter this time)

2. refined sugars and artificial sweeteners and limiting natural sugars (I do continue to use Stevia regularly)

3. coffee (as much as I LOVE coffee, it upsets my stomach quite a bit)

4. meat and animal products with the exception of seafood once or twice a week (fairly typical anyway)

5. alcohol (everyone can use a break once in a while)

Focusing on…

1. making sure to include healthy fats

2. eating small mindful meals

3. include yoga practice everyday

4. drinking green tea and hot water with lemon

5. load up and fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes

A girl needs to have a sweet treat even during a cleanse though. One of my favorite treats at any time are balls. The internet is crawling with balls these days… recipes for nutritious snacks in ball form that is. I have tried many different recipes and decided to make my own today. These turned out exactly as I wanted them too. Chocolatey, cherry, gooey, with a bit of crunch. If you really wanted to indulge you could dip these little gems in melted chocolate and serve them as actual chocolate truffles to company and nobody would know they weren’t some fancy candy. I used bran flakes from Trader Joes. They do have 6 grams of natural cane sugar in 3/4 cup but I figured using 1/2 cup in the entire recipe and only eating 2 at a time at the most would be fine.

Chocolate Cherry Cordial Truffles

½ c bran flakes

¼ c rolled oats

12 dates

¼ c dried unsweetened cherries

2 packets stevia

2 tbsp unsweetened almond milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

½ tsp almond extract

2 tbsp cocoa powder

Milled flax seed for rolling

1. pulse the oats and bran flakes in the food processor a couple times. You still want some texture so you get a good crunch. Pour into a small bowl and mix in cocoa powder and 2 packets Stevia.

2. now place dates, cherries, extracts, and almond milk in food processor and process until smooth.

3. added everything to the bowl and mix with a spoon.

4. Use a 1/2 tbsp scoop to make the balls and roll them in milled flax seed.

5. Place in freezer to set. I usually just leave mine in a bag in the freezer and either pack one in my lunch or just eat one frozen.

This made 23 balls which works out to be about 25 calories per ball! That’s right… 25 calories! I was actually pretty shocked when I did the calculations.



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