Sunday night…



Sunday night’s dinner was amazing! So amazing that boyfriend requested I make a second batch of tofu for him to eat for lunch Monday We had crispy tofu and Asian dumplings with sweet and spicy dipping sauce. I really wanted some leftovers for today but wonton wrappers aren’t vegan. This is a travesty. I make tofu like this quite often (it must have been the dipping sauce that put it over the edge). I pressed it for  about an hour then dredged it in equal parts flour and nutritional yeast and seasoned the mixture with garlic and herb seasoning and pepper. I baked the slices at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes per side. The dumplings were another use it up! About ½ bag of shredded carrots and ½ small head of cabbage from the blue cheese coleslaw I made for boyfriend last weekend. Then I added some chopped mushrooms and seasoned to taste with sesame oil, rice vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce, miso, ginger and garlic. Boyfriend was in charge of frying the dumpling and they got really crispy so they were more like potstickers but regardless we could NOT stop eating them!  

Yesterday and I today I had a smoothie and over night oats about 3 hours in between.

The rest of yesterday’s food:

12:00 I had about 1 1/2c serving of lentil soup. It was TJ’s canned that I had leftover. I like to thin it out with veggie broth so 1 can lasts for about 3 servings. I also had about 3 stalks of celery with 2 tbsp hummus and 1 ½ necterines

My afternoon snack was a small mashed sweet potato (1 c) with cinnamon and a splash of almond milk + 1 of my chocolate cherry truffles (see yesterday’s post) + the last of my kale chips (must make more, the perfect crunchy salty snack for a cleanse)

I’ve been drinking a lot of hot water with lemon and I had some black cinnamon and vanilla tea this morning instead of coffee.

I was super hungry so I walked the dog when I got home and then tried to put dinner together. I didn’t even end up doing yoga 😦 I had planned on making spaghetti squash but when I stopped at the store on my way home they didn’t have any. I finally decided on soca pizza. Clean Eating Chelsey recently posted a Mexican Soca Pizza and since I had tons of canned pinto beans I wanted to try it. Well I usually used 1/2c of chickpea flour and 1/2c of water. I cut it down to 1/3c and this made the crust thin so it ended up sticking to the pan and making a mess and burning in some spots. I was practically read to gnaw my arm off waiting for it to come out of the oven. I thought this would defeat the purpose of my vegan cleanse so I didn’t. Just a bit of advice: even if you are cleansing do not let yourself get so hungry that you consider eating extremeties. I topped the failure pizza with mashed seasoned pinto beans, tomatoes, nutritional yeast, and avocado. It was actually really good espcially after I doused it in hot sauce.Image


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