Digestive Woes

So I planned on doing this great cleanse this past week and feeling wonderful and doing yoga every day. Let me tell you life never works out the way plan… especially if you are me. Ever since Tuesday I have been having some major stomach problems. My stomach had not been feeling so great to begin with which is what prompted the cleanse. The only day I actually stuck to my plan was Monday. Tuesday morning I woke up with some serious problems and they continued until Saturday morning. Let me tell you it has been a rough couple of days. Things finally got under control once I bit the bullet and started eating the BRATTY diet.








I’ve also been eating potatoes, plain pasta, and sauerkraut (a natural probiotic). I NEVER I repeat NEVER eat white pasta, white rice (except sushi), white bread. I guess because I’m so used to whole grain version I just prefer them now. I have not been happy the past couple of days. I do not like bland food. I drown practically everything in hot sauce. Eating a diet of everything white and bland is no fun but after this week I’m afraid to eat real food again. From what I’ve read I have to slowly introduce my regular foods back into my system. Tonight I’m making chicken and rice. I’d prefer not to eat the chicken but its supposed to be a good safe protein for someone with digestive problems. Hopefully the fact that I rarely eat chicken won’t matter :/ I’m going to try adding some mushrooms to the rice and some carrots on the side. Wish me luck. I found some great recipes that I really want to be able to make this week so I’m hoping that I am able to get back to my normal life. I’m making a doctors appointment this week because I honestly think there is something really wrong with me. This was definitely not a stomach bug or food poisoning. Updates to come shortly


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