Quick Fix Vegan Nachos

Today I had a sandwich thin with 1 tbsp and PB and an apple sliced up on top for breakfast

Then midmorning I had a protein shake with 1 scoop of spirutein + 8oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk + 4 oz water and crushed iced. I blended at my desk with my blender bottle (love this thing!). I also had a chocolate chip zee bar without the chocolate icing. These turned out really good and more like chocolate chip blondie bars but with 10g of protein!

lunch was my zaater-rific quinoa salad (recipe coming soon) over mixed greens and a banana

For my afternoon snack I had 5 dried figs. Luckily they were in my desk drawer because I was really hungry. I need to replenish my snack stash. I now 1 tea bag and a couple packets of stevia…hardly snacks

I hadn’t really planned dinner so I came home and immediately decided I must have nachos! Someone at work was talking about them and then Clean Eating Chelsey was talking about Mexican food and I realized I just HAD to have nachos. In comes the dilemma…I decided to stop using store bought dairy free cheeses parading as vegan cheeses… well and vegan cheese because they are too expensive and full of way too many ingredients. I swear I had recently seen a recipe for baked vegan nachos. At the time this didn’t appeal to me but now I wanted those vegan nachos sooo bad and could not find what I was looking for. I didn’t have time to soak cashews for 2+ hours. I had just gotten back from jogging with my dog. This was a quick fix nacho craving situation. So I made up my own cheese sauce and prayed for delicious results. If you saw my mexican soca pizza attempt you could probably guess I was both skeptical and nervous… but behold …DELICIOUS RESULTS

Quick Fix Nacho Cheez Sauce

1/4c roasted cashews –nachos are a craving food and no one has time to soak cashews for 2 hours when a craving strikes

1 small pepper – I happened to have an orange one which yielded a wonder faux cheese color

1/3c vegetable broth – I did not use low sodium. enter mini rant: why is low sodium broth more expensive than regular!

1 tbsp miso -I used white

2 tbsp lemon juice –yes I used it from a bottle so sue me

1 tbsp cornstarch or thickening agent of your choice

1/3-2/3c nutritional yeast –I used 1/3c then needed more cheesiness and accidentally grabbed the 1/4c measuring cup. This made the perfect amount of cheesiness for me but yields an awkward recipe for user. Use your best judgement also known as your tastebuds

dash liquid smoke

salt and pepper to taste

put all ingredients in food processor and blend until smooth

For the nachos i tore 2 corn tortillas in pieces and placed them under the broiler for a couple minutes each side. I sauteed up 1 portabello mushroom cap with a drizzle of soy sauce, some paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, and garlic and herb seasoning. Once browned and softened I added some leftover brown lentils I had in the fridge. I layered that on top of the tortillas, then the cheez sauce, the diced jalapeno, and tomatoes. Under the broiler for a couple of minutes. I added green onions, salsa verde, franks red hot, and more cheez and then I preceded to devour the whole plate. I did use a knife and fork. Not because I’m civilized but because there really wasn’t any other option and tool make it easier to shovel things into your pie hole faster 🙂 These nachos were not only everything I hoped they would be but they were everything I had hoped the socca pizza would be too. I have tons of cheez leftover and rather than gorge myself on faux cheese I decided to share the wealth and make this tomorrow night for dinner. Boyfriend loves Mexican even more than I do and I really just want to excuse to make these nachos again.


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