Sunshine: the cure for getting out of a funk

I know I went on a big rant about being a better blogger then I went MIA. Truthfully I’ve been in a funk. I don’t know why. This has been going on for about a month now. Ever since we got Zooey and I got sick the first time. I got out of my routine and wasn’t working out consistently (except for walking Zooey about 3 miles per day). When I’m not working out I get weird. I get crabby. I definitely get depressed. It’s just not good all around. Things have been better since yesterday. I woke up and even though I lost an hour of sleep I felt great. I wasn’t grumpy. It took me a while to get motivated but the sun definitely helped. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things and feel normal again. I’ve also made a big decision. I’m going for it! I’m going vegan for real… with a couple of exceptions. This is the beauty of not labeling yourself. I’m not going to call myself vegan because I’m making my own version of vegan that I can live with. FLEXIBILITY.

That means I’m not giving up fish. I know that fish and shellfish are animals you don’t have to lecture me. I only eat certified sustainable seafood that is caught in the wild. Click the link for a great resource.

I will probably not give up honey either. You may not agree or think it makes sense but these are my thoughts on honey: I don’t know much about honey production so I want to do more research but I don’t think that honey production does much harm to the bees. Bees of all kinds are definitely in danger and their numbers are seriously dwindling. Because human are selfish I figure they are more like the work towards helping bees if it benefits them. By this I mean monetarily because sometimes even though people are told things about how the environment is in danger they don’t see how grave the situation is (like global water supply, global climate change, etc.) So in my twisted logic me consuming honey might actually in some small way help the honey bee population. I have to point out that I don’t actually use honey very often but it’s the principle fact that I don’t see any need to give it up that I even mentioned it. Lastly chocolate. I will not give up chocolate and will not spend over $5 on a bag of vegan chocolate chips. Sorry these are my rules.

This weekend I did make homemade vegan sausage and I must say I was extremely excited and impressed with myself. Boyfriend and I had friends over for dinner. One is a true vegan, her husband is mostly vegan by default, and a definite not vegan who loves meat. I made the italian sausage the night before because it takes 40 minutes to cook. I sliced it up and sauteed it with an onion, spinach, mushrooms, white beans, and tomatoes and served it over linguini. It was a HIT! My friend who loves meat ate the most out of anyway. I may have converted him.


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