My name is Melissa and I like to keep it real…

Sometimes people jokingly call me Martha because I am all about cooking, crafting, sewing, and housekeeping. I like to make things from scratch and work with my hands (in the old fashioned housewife sort of way). If I decided to change careers one day I would most definitely beg  Martha Stewart for a job but for right now I am designer who loves her job. Let me tell you how amazing it feels to finally be able to say that!

I like things real and natural. I care about the environment and my body and try a to live each day with that in mind. I have a tendency to over-think things which has been both a blessing and a curse to me. Throughout the years I have come to a big realization. We can only do so much. No matter how hard you try no one can be perfect. The point is to keep trying in general, to make the effort to, to always strive to do better.

For the most part I “eat clean” and vegetarian or vegan food. I can’t stand “junk-atarians”, vegetarians by definition who lives on processed food. I guess I would be classified as a flexitarian but that sounds a little too pretentious for me. As much as I try to eat natural, whole foods that I make from scratch its not possible for me to do 24/7, 365 days a year. I am human! I love food and I’m not perfect!

I try to eat real and live naturally the best I can. I am a real person trying to live an authentic life and stay true to what I feel my body, soul, and mind need. I hope I can inspire people to do the same.


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